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We take care of everything, from the land to the final delivery of your commercial premises.

Custom construction

We take care of everything. From the land to the delivery of the ready to be inhabited residential unit.

Voyer & Tremblay offers different types of housing

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September 21, 2016

Attribution de la plus haute distinction de la Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR), soit la cote AA. La GCR reconnait l’excellence et la qualité de la construction, la qualité technique et financière de l’entreprise. Moins de quelques dizaines d’entrepreneurs ont reçu la cote AA sur les quelques 4500 entrepreneurs accrédités.


Guarantee Plan

The Guarantee Plan is mandatory and applies only to entirely new buildings. It enables any purchaser of a Voyer et Tremblay unit which is covered by the plan to automatically take advantage of it.

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If the price of a property (in keeping with its current and future value) is a very important issue to consider, the financing terms are important as well...

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