Our company


A home is much more than walls and foundations: it is a place where one must feel confident and secure. It is also an investment that needs to grow over the years. Of course, the construction of a guaranteed new home can become a cost-effective investment over time. Therefore, Voyer & Tremblay’s main goal is to build houses or moreover, superior quality condominiums, while altogether using unique building processes that abide to precise well-established rules.


Homes signed by Voyer & Tremblay offer above average comfort. The quality of construction goes well beyond standards of the trade, in addition to the added value that translates into an investment in quality assurance. Our goal, year after year, is to always remain at the forefront of our industry by offering the best quality, at an attractive cost.


The best about Voyer & Tremblay quality is: peace of mind!

Quality is a very significant word for Voyer & Tremblay: quality products, quality services and quality of construction are pledges of excellence as well as a standard to maintain and surpass.