Environmental commitment

We are green

sustainable Development

  • We take care to limit our buildings’ environmental footprint as much as possible. That’s why we adopt green construction practices while maintaining our quality-price ratio.
  • Soya-based urethane from Demilec
  • Floor panels and FSC-certified OSB made in Canada (Quebec and Ontario)
  • Use of locally made materials to reduce pollution from transport
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Water-saving shower heads (maximum flow of 9.8 litres per minute)
  • Water-saving tap (maximum flow of 8.2 litres per minute)
  • Low VOC paint (Micca or MF)
  • Cellulose insulation made from 100% recycled materials(newspaper and wood fibre)
  • Wastewater heat recovery system
  • Recovery of material (vinyl, gypsum, cardboard, and others)
  • 30-year asphalt shingles
  • Creation of additional natural surroundings (ponds, natural parks)
  • Preservation of wetlands
  • Preservation of trees
  • Tree planting
  • Use of FSC paper in minimal quantities