Social commitments

Voyer & Tremblay is a dynamic builder that has been specializing in residential construction for more than 30 years.

Our mission? To successfully create turnkey houses, townhouses, condominiums and apartments. Established in Laval, Voyer & Tremblay has produced more than 3,500 dwellings to date, writing just as many chapters in a great love story between owner and abode.

Much more than a builder of homes, Voyer & Tremblay creates modern, welcoming neighbourhoods with exceptional quality of living. A prime example has been the building of Quartier Montmartre, since 2010, the first phase of the Saint-Jérôme Hauts-Quartiers. With an eventual 4,600 housing units, this unique Voyer & Tremblay project is nothing short of a remarkable living environment that meets the needs and aspirations of 21st-century Quebec homeowners.

A Family Endeavour Built on Passion

It was in 1981 that Voyer & Tremblay’s success story in the world of residential construction began. With studies in education and a background in finance, Michel Tremblay decided to embark on what would be the biggest adventure of his life. Having cut his teeth on home sales, Michel undertook his very first project: the construction of two groups of semi-detached homes in the Vimont neighbourhood in Laval. Over the years, numerous large-scale projects throughout the Greater Montreal Area followed, with the addition of condominiums to the company’s wide range of products and the construction of rental buildings with a total of 272 dwellings, which still belong to the group.

After over two decades of sustained growth and resisting two major recessions resiliently, Michel Tremblay partnered with his son, Jean-Sébastien, in 2005. As a construction engineer, the expertise and knowledge of Jean-Sébastien, now Vice-President, has enabled the company to reach new heights and to adapt to new market realities. Voyer & Tremblay also branched into two distinct entities: the first, managed by Michel Tremblay would specialize in land development, while the second, specialized in residential construction, would be overseen by Jean-Sébastien.

In 2010, the youngest member of the family, Kim Tremblay, would join the team as Director of Marketing and Communications. Having previously worked as a lawyer, Kim made a remarkable entry among the extended Voyer & Tremblay family, which now includes some thirty employees. This team of tightly knit, passionate professionals represents a solid mark of confidence for the company’s founder, for whom the human side of business, integrity and passion are paralleled only by the fulfillment of his dreams.

But the story is far from over, as a wealth of projects await Voyer & Tremblay in the years ahead, beginning with the development of the Saint-Jérôme Hauts-Quartiers. The enterprise may even see international horizons, as its dependability and reputation have resonated as far as France and Senegal, where numerous contractors aspire to associate with Voyer & Tremblay for different projects.

Unparalleled Quality of Homes

Now a leader in residential construction, Voyer & Tremblay is committed to building superior-quality homes using modern construction methods and materials far exceeding industry quality standards. Our objective? To always remain at the forefront of the industry through our innovative projects, offering top quality at the most competitive price and meeting the specific needs of our customers. Choosing a Voyer & Tremblay home means comfort and peace of mind, an exceptional living environment, a sure investment and after-sales service beyond all expectations. An additional testament to the superior quality of its constructions, two Voyer & Tremblay projects were featured on the famous Ma Maison Rona in 2008 and 2009.

In addition to receiving the prestigious Palme Diamant from the APCHQ, recognizing outstanding customer service, Voyer & Tremblay is also the only residential builder in Quebec with ISO 9001 Certification, a mark of quality, efficient management and customer satisfaction in residential housing. Not to mention eight APCHQ Domus awards since 2007, including the coveted builder of the year honour in 2010. And these multiple distinctions are just the beginning since Voyer & Tremblay continues to raise the industry bar day after day.

A Socially Engaged Enterprise with Sustainable Development at Heart

In addition to being recognized for its quality homes and customer satisfaction, Voyer & Tremblay is a socially responsible organization that takes sustainable development to heart through a number of initiatives. Some examples are its green policy, recovery of over 70% of construction materials, contracting of local suppliers to minimize pollution from transport, preservation of green spaces and systematic reforestation during its projects.

To stay involved in the community, Voyer & Tremblay has organized its annual golf tournament benefiting the Make-A-Wish Canada Foundation since 2006. This initiative has raised close to $150,000 for the Foundation, which fulfills the wishes of Quebec children with life-threatening illnesses. Voyer & Tremblay also partners with the Habitat for Humanity foundation, providing management personnel for the building of a residence in St-Joseph-du-Lac.