From: Sergio
Date: March 29, 2014

My fiancé and I have recently purchased a condo unit from Voyer et Tremblay and we have nothing but great things to say about their service. They have always been available to answer any and all questions we have had about the construction process, and have also been helpful in the design aspect. The sales team was equally as exceptional and was responsive to our needs and wants. All in all, as first time buyers, we were very comfortable and pleased with their service. We highly recommend this builder and would consider them for future considerations.

Sergio & Jackie


From: François Brooks
Date: 2014

The home with a soul I want to live in

The home is a living being that’s a part of me. Being a self-builder and electrician by trade since I was 22, I have never lived in a home that I didn’t build with my own two hands. Why? Because as the adage goes, “We are never better served than by ourselves.” The teams of Voyer & Tremblay have gone against the adage. To begin with, the project manager lives in the neighbourhood. In fact, he will be my new neighbour. As good neighbouring goes, it was in his favour to do his work well. But Voyer & Tremblay had so much confidence in its teams that they allowed me to attend and even take part in the work. I was astounded. I know so many professionals who prefer to work in the shadows and sweep their mistakes under the rug. With Voyer & Tremblay, it’s not so. They sent me photos every day. They avoid the mistakes by hiring the best artisans I’ve met and by ensuring tight monitoring of the site. What a contrast with what I’ve seen up to now! At their offices, they have every right to proudly display the numerous trophies they have earned in their thirty years. All in all I am satisfied, and not to mention that I couldn’t have done better myself. So what’s their secret? How do they create what others are unable to achieve? I noticed that all of their builders work with joy, enthusiasm and pride in adhering to the best practices. My home has made artisans happy and proud to have built it. What better spirits to embody my new abode? A house is more than a roof over one’s head. It is also – as with a newborn – the collection of circumstances that gave birth to it. Voyer & Tremblay didn’t just sell me a home. They made sure it carries more than its monetary value: They gave it the soul I want to live in.

François Brooks

Quartier Montmartre

From: Claude Hébert
Date: 7 mars 2014

I would like to express my full satisfaction with the construction of my condominium. The construction quality is excellent and the logistics were well planned out. The personnel is very courteous to their customers and well trained to answer relevant questions. I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Anne Vaillancourt, who always makes it her duty to give us a correct and accurate response. I commend you on the effective collaboration of your team. Keep on serving your customers as impeccably and courteously as you do.

Claude Hébert

From: Remi Blackburn
Date: 30 mars 2014
To: Carole Flynn

Our purchase with Voyer & Tremblay was a fantastic experience. The sales representatives work as a perfectly synchronized team to the benefit of the buyer. My questions and concerns were always considered and explained and the transaction was carried out clearly and with reassurance. And as for the construction quality of their homes, there is no doubt that Voyer & Tremblay builds them with meticulous attention. I have been working in construction for over 25 years and I currently work for one of the largest engineering firms in the world. My comment on quality is not without thought. Our experience was such that we decided to purchase a second property in the same neighbourhood to house our parents. Voyer & Tremblay offered us the opportunity to adapt this home’s interior to meet the needs of elderly people. BRAVO to the whole Voyer & Tremblay team!

Rémi Blackburn
Nhân Lam

From: Pierre et Jocelyne
Date: 30 mars 2014
To: Carole Flynn

Hello Ms. Flynn,

In summer 2013, we bought a condo built by Voyer & Tremblay in the Le Ferré building on Rochechouart Avenue in the Montmartre neighbourhood in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec. We will be moving into our condo on June 11, 2014. We are very satisfied with the services we’ve received to date. We’ve dealt with professional and very courteous individuals.

With our best regards,

Jocelyne & Pierre Desjardins